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WordPress Associate’s Degree

Let’s face it! The reason you’re reading this is because of that clever title, right? Wouldn’t you love it if you could create a WordPress website and people click to read your articles and pages the same way I managed to get you to read this one?

Here, we are introducing a new concept to the whole, learning WordPress idea. The very first, Associate’s Degree for WordPress. No, we are not accredited (yet) and you won’t be able to use your “credits” at other colleges (yet). However, you will be provided with certificates at the passing completion of each course and an official diploma after all courses are completed.

You are not required to take the entire Associate’s Degree program. If you prefer, you can simply select the courses you want and take just those.

Courses in this Program

Example First Year

  • WP101: WordPress for Beginners – Setup and Getting Started (3 credits)
  • WP104: WordPress for Beginners – Plugins and Themes (4 credits)
  • WP108: WordPress for Beginners – Customizing WordPress (4 credits)
  • WP111: WordPress for Beginners – Creating Static Pages (4 credits)
  • WP114: WordPress for Beginners – Writing your First Post (4 credits)
  • WP116: WordPress for Beginners – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) (4 credits)
  • WP118: WordPress for Beginners – Keeping WordPress Secure (3 credits)
  • WP122: WordPress for Beginners – Marketing Your Site (4 credits)
  • WP124: WordPress for Beginners – Monetizing Your Site (4 credits)

Example Second Year

  • WP201: Intermediate WordPress – Migrating WordPress (3 credits)
  • WP205: Intermediate WordPress – Editing Theme Files (4 credits)
  • WP208: Intermediate WordPress – Editing Plugin Files (4 credits)
  • WP214: Intermediate WordPress – Getting “Quality” Backlinks (3 credits)
  • WP219: Intermediate WordPress – Creating a Theme (4 credits)
  • WP223: Intermediate WordPress – Creating a Plugin (5 credits)
  • WP227: Intermediate WordPress – Selling Themes and Plugins (3 credits)

As with any educational learning, it is recommended that you pace yourself. The above courses may be done as fast or as slow as you wish; however, we have included an example first and second year educational plan for your success.

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