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Like it or Not

That’s right, I said it. Like it or not, life should be about pushing yourself to do better… to be better. For yourself, for your kids, for your family, for people around you, for strangers, and neighbors, for our future. Whether you’re a philanthropist, a mom or dad, or a bachelor sitting in your man cave. Whether you’re a politician, a police officer, a criminal, or the homeless guy begging for money… life should be about improving yourself and our ultimate goal of The Pursuit of Happiness.

Improve Yourself First

I’ve often been told, kids should come first. Usually by my mother who believes I don’t put them first. Putting your kids first is only partially true, but it’s mostly true that you should put YOURSELF FIRST. Let me explain… When you fly in an airplane, as a word of caution, the announcer will usually tell you that in the case of an emergency, put YOUR MASK ON FIRST. Why? Because you can’t help your children and others if you’re unconscious. The purpose of this? Take care of yourself first, so that you can better take care of your children and others. Note: I don’t mean this in the selfish kind of way, such as one piece of chocolate and you putting yourself first by eating it. I mean, in taking care of yourself… your health, your fitness, your eating habits, etc. The healthier you are (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually), the better capable you will be for caring for others, especially your children.

Some Random Stats

I decided to share these stats with you, not to try and “fix” the world. If that’s your motivation, then awesome, I encourage you to do your part. However, the purpose of this, is to show you why, you should strive to improve yourself and your family on a daily basis… do not become one of these statistics. Do your part, improve!

Children Stats

The first two in this list revolve around being a single parent. It’s highly encouraged to be in a loving relationship, preferably as a married couple, both parents are biological to the children… but let’s face it, that’s not always a possible reality. Being a single parent is tough… I know, because I am one. Do what you can, but just make sure… it’s the right choice for the children. Note: Do not stay in a toxic relationship because it’s right for the children. It is almost never right if all they see is fighting and disrespect. And remember, your relationship problems were your partner’s fault, right?


It didn’t work because of the both of you. Either it was toxic before it started and you could have backed out, or it got toxic somewhere down the road… either way, you’re both to blame. Or, maybe you’re one of the lucky few that are happily married raising your children together. Awesome. I wish I was as lucky. But of course, she was a pain in my ass… all her fault. Sorry, just kidding. I take blame too.

The Point

I think… or at least I should say, I hope… that I made my point. Now, let’s get to the point of making those points. lol, that sounded better in my head.

This website, yes, the one you’re reading… is my daily challenge. Each and everyday, I will push myself to my limits. To improve myself and therefore, improve my children.

Disclosure: You may see some graphic images and videos. Not too graphic, like an arm falling off… or at least, I hope not. But, you might see some wild and very misbehaved children. Those are my kids, the names of the guilty (the kids) have not been changed to protect their identities. The information in this blog is determined to be true and accurate by the judge (daddy). They are guilty until proven innocent and have no rights to a lawyer. A jury of their peers (siblings) will be assembled in the case of disagreements.