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PHP is the most commonly used server-side scripting language on the internet today, powering over 80% of all server-side websites, such as WordPress and Facebook.

Why You Should Learn PHP

  • Very powerful
  • Adaptable
  • Easy to learn
  • Very valuable to any website

Why You Should Learn PHP – with Us

  • We offer the cheapest courses (that we know about) – with a certificate
  • Our instructors are available more frequently, for no extra charge
  • Learn and Understand Better by asking for clarification from our instructors and other students
    • Fast response: No more waiting a week or longer for a response. You  should be able to expect a response within 24 to 48 hours (unless instructor is out of office).
  • Instructor is not a robot: Tired of getting automated responses? No worry! Your instructor is a real person. Any communication between students and instructors will be done by a real person. Most instructors work out of their home, not in a corporate office or call center. They have lives, children, families, and probably not rich either. They’re compassionate, caring, and just want to help you become more successful.

Bonus Content

  • Complete scripts you would normally have to pay for (resources found at the end of this course).
  • Learn to build a social network site (a project tutorial found at the end of this course).*
    • *This is for informational and educational training only. You have permission to reuse, adapt, modify, improve, and commercially make available this social network as long as you reference us in the footer. You can “legally” remove this reference with a $10 license. The name of the social network we build will be solely our own and any logos used. You must use your own logo and name. Logo and Name are copyright protected.

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  • Donald Faulknor


    I highly recommend this course. Please check it out. You will be glad you did.
  • swanson

    Excellent Course

    I learned so much and received my certificate. Thank you very much.
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